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Bracelet Cuff - Size OS Power Teeter Totter Sterling Silver by Dana C Fear

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Talk about a statement piece! This oxidized sterling silver kinetic cuff is an attention-grabber, both with its bold industrial style and with the gentle rattle of 28 individually-mounted teeter-totter tile pieces that move as you do. The smooth finish of the tiles stands out against the textured surface of the main cuff body.

Note: The size of this cuff cannot be adjusted, as bending the cuff may interfere with the movement of the piece. The piece measures 7 1/8in internal circumference with a 1 1/4in opening; please measure your wrist to make sure it will fit.

Materials: Oxidized sterling silver

1 3/4in H x 2 3/4in W x 1/4in D; 7 1/8in internal circumference with 1 1/4in opening

Images by Bezel & Kiln.



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