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Chocolate or Caramel Heart Bonbons - Set of 9 by Dolcetta Artisan Sweets

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Nine decorated chocolate heart bonbons filled with assorted flavors of chocolate OR caramel ganache:

Chocolate Flavors include 1 each:  salty caramel, blond caramel, orange, passion fruit, lemon yuzu, ginger, honey, vanilla, milk & cookies.

Caramel Flavors include 3 each:  milk chocolate salty caramel, blond caramel, dark chocolate vanilla caramel.

Dolcetta Artisan Sweets
Seattle, WA

Photos by Dolcetta and The Handmade Showroom

DA73 $27 - 9 Chocolate Heart Bonbons
DA74 $27 - 9 Caramel Heart Bonbons


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