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Cup – Large Koishiwara-yaki by Asemi Co.

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The black metallic finish of the Koishiwara-yaki cup is achieved through a unique glaze developed by artisan Yusuke Kumagae in Koishiwara, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. A rice farmer as well as a pottery artisan, he mixes ash from his rice straw with iron powder to create a deep rich glaze. To create the distinct pattern on the cups, the artisan uses a technique called “tobikanna” (“jumping iron”) to apply chatter markings as the piece turns on the wheel. The subtle metallic gloss and unique tobikanna pattern combine to make a truly beautiful contemporary folk craft cup.

Every artisan-made cup is a one of a kind piece due to their handcrafted nature.

• Premium ceramic cups
• NOT microwave or dishwasher safe
• Stackable
• 8oz size is perfect for tea or water!

Materials: Koishiwara clay

Measurements: Approximately 4in H x 2 3/4in diameter; holds approximately 8oz

Yusuke Kumagae
Koishiwara, Fukuoka Prefecture
for Asemi Co.
Tokyo, Japan

Images by Bezel & Kiln

AC401A $60 – Large Koishiwara-yaki Cup A
AC401B $60 – Large Koishiwara-yaki Cup B
AC401C $60 – Large Koishiwara-yaki Cup C

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