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Cup - Small Indigo Kasama-yaki by Asemi Co

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This very unique style will make your espresso or tea session stand out. Unlike most other firing methods, the kiln of artisan Masami Taniguchi smokes the cups, which leads to the amazing blueish and rough finish. Each cup is one of a kind because the outcome is unpredictable.

Kasama-yaki is made in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture. Kasama-yaki has its roots in the 18th century and grew soon to one of the bigger pottery producing regions in the Kanto area. Today, about 300 Kilns are active and produce a variety of styles and materials. As a pottery style with no particular regional clay, it imports raw material from other regions, giving it limitless possibilities.

These cups are one of a kind and very limited in availability.
Please allow us to select the cup from our collection for you.

Materials: Porcelain 
Measures: 2 3/8in H x 2 3/4in diameter; holds approximately 3.5oz

Please note: Kasama-yaki cups cannot be used in the microwave, but are dishwasher safe.

Photos by Asemi Co

AC304A $40 - Small Indigo Kasama-yaki Cup - A
AC304B $40 - Small Indigo Kasama-yaki Cup - B
AC304C $40 - Small Indigo Kasama-yaki Cup - C
AC304D $40 - Small Indigo Kasama-yaki Cup - D
AC304E $40 - Small Indigo Kasama-yaki Cup - E

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