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Mod Planter - 3in Aquamarine Charcoal Gray (A, B or C) by Tal and Bert

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Medium 3-inch aquamarine mod planter in charcoal gray.

Hand poured concrete planters with genuine semi-precious gemstones that were mined by the artists themselves embedded permanently into the side and gilded with a shiny liquid gold edge.

The artists embrace the imperfections inherent to concrete, such as pores and shading. While each planter has its own unique marks, these "imperfections" in no way affect the structure of the vessel. The concrete echoes the rawness of the minerals it’s paired with. These planters embody the Japanese theory of wabi-sabi--finding beauty in the imperfections. 

  • Measurements: 3 1/8in W x 3in H (outer) 2 1/2in W x 2 1/2in H (inner)
  • Variation photos show the exact item you will receive
  • Each mod planter includes a drainage hole making it perfect for both air plants and soil-rooted plants

Tal & Bert
Mt. Lebanon, PA

Photos by Marlo M.

TNB451A $95 - A - Charcoal Grey Aquamarine 3in Mod Planter
TNB451B $95 - B - Charcoal Grey Aquamarine 3in Mod Planter
TNB451C $95 - C - Charcoal Grey Aquamarine 3in Mod Planter
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