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Mug - Hairpin Mug in Matte Cobalt by Guten Co.

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  • Materials: Porcelain, glaze
  • Measurements: Approximately 2 1/2in H x 7 3/4in W x 3 1/2in D; holds approximately 8oz
  • Handmade in high-fire porcelain
  • Matte cobalt blue finish
  • Unglazed non-slip base
  • Holds approximately 8oz
  • Exaggeratedly long yet sturdy hairpin handle
  • Dishwasher safe and suitable for daily use
  • Should not be placed over direct heat, heated to over 300° F, or shocked from one temperature to another
  • Each item is unique due to the natural variation of handmade products; the piece you receive may vary slightly from photos

Guten Co.
San Antonio, TX

Images by Bezel & Kiln

GCHM01 $70 - Matte Cobalt Hairpin Mug

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