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Cup - Large Bizen-yaki (Limited Quantities) by Asemi Co.

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These rare wood-fired Bizen-yaki cups are a perfect and unique combination of timeless design and the oldest form of Japanese pottery.
Made by artisan Kiko Ando in Bizen Irinaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, these cups are limited to a maximum of 50 pieces every 6 months, making each a rare find indeed! Each cup receives a season stamp and batch number on the package. All Asemi Co. cups are stackable; even different size cups can be stacked together!

Bizen-yaki pieces are unglazed and should be dipped in water before each use and cleaned promptly to avoid staining or odors.

Every artisan-made cup is a one of a kind piece due to their handcrafted nature.


  • Materials: Bizen clay
  • Measurements: Approximately 4in H x 2 3/4in diameter; holds approximately 8oz
  • One-of-a-kind artisan wood-fired ceramic cups
  • Week-long wood firing process creates beautiful unpredictable patterns and shimmer
  • Each cup is unique due to the natural variation of the firing process; variant photo shows the exact cup you will receive
  • 8oz size is perfect for tea, coffee, or water
  • NOT microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Should be dipped in water before use and cleaned promptly afterwards
  • Stackable with each other and with other Asemi Co. cups of any size
  • Color may vary from image on screen

Kiko Ando
Bizen Irinaka, Okayama Prefecture
for Asemi Co.
Tokyo, Japan

Images by Bezel & Kiln

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