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Earrings - Classic Herkimer Drops in Bright Sterling Silver by Storica Studio

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These lovely drop earrings feature stunning clear raw Herkimer diamonds suspended in hand-crafted prong baskets of brightly polished sterling silver. With beautiful metalwork and distinctive stone choices, Stórica Studio makes jewelry that bridges the gap between every-day accents and evening elegance.


  • Materials: Sterling silver, Herkimer diamond
  • Measurements: Approximately 7/8in H x 1/4in W x 1/4in D
  • Raw Herkimer diamond (a rare form of quartz crystal) with beautiful natural faceting and stunning clarity
  • Solid sterling silver prong setting polished to a bright finish
  • Sterling silver ear hooks
  • Simple 4-prong basket setting accentuates the natural diamond shape of the stone
  • Elegant and versatile
  • Each item is unique due to the natural variation of handmade products; the piece you receive may vary slightly from photos

Stórica Studio
(previously Silver + Salt)
Seattle, WA

Images by Bezel & Kiln

SAE2S $100 - Bright Sterling Classic Herkimer Drop Earrings

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