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Earrings – Short Cascading Leaves in Flame by Rebeca Mojica

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A vibrant combination of gold, orange, and red that can look either fiery or autumnal depending on what you pair it with! The tips of the leaves point to the outside, giving these earrings a lively look.


  • Materials: Anodized aluminum, stainless steel ear wires
  • Measurements: Approximately 3/4in W x 2 1/4in L x 3/4in D
  • Anodized aluminum leaves and rings
  • Stainless steel ear wires
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Flame colorway includes shades of gold, orange, and red
  • Beautiful and fun to wear!
  • Made by hand in California

Rebeca Mojica
West Hollywood, CA

Images by Bezel & Kiln and Rebeca Mojica

RMJ206 $38 – Flame Short Cascading Leaves Earrings

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