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Wooden Sound System - Razor Black Speaker by Bitti Gitti Design Workshop

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This award-winning (German Design Award 2018) handmade wooden phone speaker amplifier is beautiful by design while effectively enhancing music volume by 400% without the need for electricity or special adapters. The acoustical properties of birchwood creates warmer tones, smoother highs, and more prominent bass.
Includes coordinating screen printed cloth bag for portability.
  • Measures: 7 in L x 4 in W x 2 in D
  • In-house tested phone sizes: Samsung Note 10+ (2.83 inches wide without case) and smaller.
  • This solid wood amplifier is heavy enough to stay in place even when a large phone is placed inside!

Bitti Gitti Design Workshop
Designed in CA
Instanbul, Turkey

Photos by Bezel & Kiln

BG101 $78 - Razor Black Wooden Speaker Sound System
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